Life long Texan

Life long Texan

Bull Guthrie is a Christian and 4th generation Texan with over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience, including Director of Vice and Narcotics, Chief of Police and Under Cover Federal Contractor. Bull has also consulted in 100’s of republican campaigns across Texas. Bull has served as a Republican Election Judge and was the Republican Nominee for Sheriff of Harris County. Bull Graduated from Bellevue University with a B.S. in Law Enforcement Administration as well as Cal Southern with a M.S in Psychology, both with Honors.

Community Minded

As well as being a rancher and Kingsland Realtor, Bull works with young athletes in Llano County to help them become better athletes, students, and young men and women. In Harris County, Bull was appointed by the Commissioners Court to manage bonds that helped with the Houston Medical Center, Houston Livestock Show, The Houston Museum District, and many others.

Policy Priorities

Like many Texas counties and cities, Llano County is in the early stages of potentially massive growth.  This new growth could outpace our abilities to service the county.  Managed growth through both fiscal and community minded, responsible governance is the key.  Above all, the current community members needs’ WILL be met first!

Llano County Library System is under attack by people who believe child porn fiction books should be on our bookshelves and readily accessible to our children.  People in our community have joined forces with law firms and liberal organizations who are HELL-BENT on destroying any remnants of our Christian values and American decency.

As Commissioner, I will stand with the community and fight against these Epteinesque groomers and the pedophiles that are hiding like sewer rats under the banner of “Freedom of Speech”. 

As the only Commissioner with Law Enforcement experience, I am uniquely qualified to help our next Sheriff get the support he needs to lower crime rates in Kingsland.  Commissioners Court must stand firm behind our First Responders and give them the tools they need.

Working with the LCRA and TCEQ to maintain our water quality and integrity is paramount.  We have a water rich county and I plan to keep it that way.

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